ReKon offers:

To be your professional advisor and partner. The Relation consultant also offers to lead you all the way, among different regulations and actions.
To make use of ReKon´s knowledge and resources will make you more aware of options and where you may get the help you need.
A broad and important point of view taking all regulations into consideration.
Necessary discussions and help through a good and trustworthy relation

Practical services

Cost per hour excl. VAT DKK 550,-

  • Electronic tables (schemes )
  • NemlD
  • Children’s allowance
  • Children’s benefit
  • Child and youth allowances
  • Registration of children’s to institutions and schools
  • Divorce
  • Housing benefits (economical support)
  • Questions regarding tax
  • Holiday pay
  • Early retirement
  • Pension


Cost per hour excl. VAT DKK 660,-

  • Misc. application advice
  • Preparation of applications to the correct authority or institution
  • Specific case handling
  • Cases of complaints
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Start-up of private business
  • Job application
  • Application for Danish citizenship, residence and / or working permit
  • Pensions and alike in relation to repatriation


Cost per hour excl. VAT DKK 850,-

  • Specific handling of case
  • Coaching
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Family treatment
  • Social support and counselling for you and your family
ReKon works with client confidentiality

We will help you with the needs you have and further on, until you are independent and able to support your self.