About Rekon Counselling & Services

ReKon counselling and service is meant for private persons, private enterprises and organizations, that can make use of our services to move forward in relation to the public sector based on individual needs.

ReKon is based on the founder’s personal experiences as employee as well as leader in municipal institutions within various legislation fields and for more than 20 years.

ReKon assists both Danish and non-Danish citizens across Danish laws and regulations by using dedicated relation consultants who is trained to support the citizen based on a relations and aimed at a full support regardless of problem type.

The purpose for Rekon is to help citizens to be more active and to take better part in their own situation – as quickly as possible.

ReKon works in close corporation with a broad variety of independent consultancies and networks. All relation consults have a solid background and experience with social work.


ReKon has a number of agreements with other experienced and trained personnel who at any time can contribute with their knowledge in order to meet the needs of the citizen within different fields

At any time we can meet the needs of the citizen within the framework of the regulations and focusing on the possibilities available in the society in general.